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about the last two to 3% where on average we'd be giving them $100,000 for people making a million dollars or more. and we just can't afford it. >> reporter: congressman connelly who lives in the neighborhood is one of the few democrats who is lobbying to keep the tax cuts in place. >> i believe the president could support a temporary extension. i believe the republicans could support a temporary extension. >> reporter: the president talks for an hour on a variety of subjects from health care to tax cuts and took questions. the first came from the home's owner john nicholas. >> i have a great interest in stem cell research and how it gets furthered. so how do we get the issue to be a scientific issue instead of a political issue? >> well, john, as you know, i have been a huge supporter of stem cell research for a long time. >> thank you very much, everybody. >> reporter: overall the president did not disappoint. >> saw a level of understanding the problem and someone who has a plan to try to get this country out of the economic ditch we are in right now.
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>> reporter: the small group was left with a lot to ponder and an experience to remember. in fairfax, peggy fox, 9 news now. >> congressman connelly says the wealthiest 5% of the population account for 30% of the consumer spending. increasing their taxes, he says will cause them to spend less and hurt the economy. meanwhile on the senate floor today mitch mccon dell knell say he has the votes to block the president's plan to extend some of the bush era tax cuts. at issue the tax cuts for people making more than a quarter million dollars and individuals making more than 200,000. he says the deal with only pass the senate if the cuts are extended for everyone. >> i'm introducing legislation today that insures that no one in the country will pay higher income taxes next year than they are right now. >> reporter: his statement is of course at odds with the top republican in the house because over the weekend john boehner signaled he might be open to
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compromise. the house minority leader said if the only option is to vote for some of the same tax reductions he would vote for just some of them. dc votes at the polls tomorrow. it is primary day and fenty may be heading to his first ever election defeat. he was campaigning with his strategist with him and they say he will need a fourth quarter comeback to overcome the double-digit lead that gray holds according to though polls. gray wants his supporters to not pay attention to the polls. >> i can't really pay attention to that. i have to pay attention to our efforts to get people out to vote. that's one of the most important things of all and we are working on that. we have making calls and knocking on doors. >> are you convinced we turned around the poll numbers this morning? >> yes. we know people looked at both of us since those polls came out and looked at both of our records and say fenty has some things he has to work on second
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term but far and away much more competent. >> reporter: so far more than 22,000 people have cast ballots in the early voting in dc commended. maryland republican gubernatorial candidate robert ehrlich received the endorsement of john mccain. he is trying to recapture the office he lost to the current o'malley four years ago. his former vice presidential running mate, sarah palin has already endorsed maryland business investor brian murphy. that's in the gop primary. for more on the candidates, check out our voters ' guide at just click on extras. police are looking for a man they say shot an armored car driver this afternoon. this happened around 2:00 at the popeyes on malcolm x avenue. the driver and his partner were making a delivery and pickup at the restaurant and that's when the witnesses say a black male shot the guard in the face.
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as he got out of the armored car. >> he walked -- he just walked up, right up on him and pulled out a gun and shot him. like he was trying to rob him but at the same time he was scared. >> reporter: witnesses also point out the shooter left without taking any money. after being shot, the driver actually got back in the car and his partner drove him to united medical center. no word on his condition. down in virginia police caught up with david paton the and charged him with killing 48- year-old steven carr. carr was found shot to death in his home on field master drive in burke. police say the two men knew each other but the motive is unclear. authorities are trying to figure out how many people may have decide in the pipe explosion in san bruno, california. the explosion destroyed 50 homes and left a huge crater behind. you are seeing home video 0 the
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fire taken by a man named walter mcafee. he is on a call connie that -- balcony that happened to be behind where it blew up. the utility, pacific gas and electric is surveying other natural gas lines looking for problems. drivers of public transportation buss in prince georges county are out on strike today. nearly 100 operators say they want better job security. health insurance, higher wages and longer lunch breaks and they have been working without a contract since july 1st. a spokesperson for the county says it is working to get the buses rolling again. nearly 100 metro buses pulled off the street amid safety concerns are in service now. they yond went repairs following a bus fire on the beltway last thursday. metro showcasing the newest addition to the fleet.
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this is curtsy of the federal government and $202 million in stimulus money. the new fleet includes 48 new diesel electric hybrid buses. now a commuter alert. you are looking a live at the 14th street bridge where there is a new traffic pat. to take note of. the left lane is closed the entire length of the northbound span. that is a welcome move for most motorists because it makes the bridge lanes feel wider and the middle lanes are no longer closed. down in virginia, they had a ribbon cutting down there and that's the dedication of the road. it is the fairfax county parkway. the final section open. 35-mile roadway links route 7 and northeast quadrant of the county to route 1 in the southeast section. the two mile section opens to traffic next week. i did not want to come to work today, man, because it was
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too nice. how long will it go on? >> at least the skins won. so that's good. put a spring the step. the forecast, if you are heading out tonight, partly cloudy and cool. if you are out late grab a light jacket. and winds northeast northwest at ten but not as breezy as they have been. 82 downtown. 79 gaithers bug. 88 frederick and leesburg. we will come back and talk about a cold front that rolls through late tonight an early tomorrow morning and what it means for your commute and talk about hurricane igor and where it is heading. just as some in colorado get back in their homes another wildfire threatening people in that state. anacostia senior high school under construction but students are still in the building despite concerns by community members. both sides of the debate coming up. s but first, that ma'am wants to build an islamic center near ground zero hints
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of a compromise, why the change of heart? the answer is
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the family of an american woman in iran is asking them to drop the bail. the officials want $500,000 in exchange for releasing her and the family says they don't have that kind of money.
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short an her two friends were arrested while hiking on the iraqi border in july last year. the three were indicted on spying charges yesterday. that iman ma'am who wants to build near ground zero is hinting he is working on a compromise. the i ma'am spoke before the council of foreign relations and says the project has becomed mired in conflict and he is exploring all options for the islamic center in that will resolve the crisis, diffuse it and not create any of the unforeseen circumstances that we are -- do not want to see happen. >> reporter: he says the islamic centers organizers have been surprised by all the uproar. they say they might not have pursued it if they had known it was going to be such a big deal. top is back with the all- important forecast for the rest of the week. but next, it is a bird, it's a plane and actually a rocket man. find out where he was flying
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an. coming up. chevy chase bank is becoming capital one bank.
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with the most locations in the dc area, we figured they could use our help. ♪ down a bit. too much. [ crowd cheering ] [ grunts ] [ garth ] capital one bank. now with the most branches and atms in the dc area. what's in your wallet?
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back on 9 news now, a real life rocketman. this is in london. it is not a man with a -- a man with a jet pack took to the skies and flew around while for a while and the laws of physic demand he came back down. it is a project launching the next installment of the x-box 360 game halo. big changes in store in fairfax. exxon mobile is studying whether or not it ought to close down the campus there. 118-acre facility employs 2600 people. most are working in management or government relations for the oil company. the company says it is reviewing the real estate portfolio and could try to down size things. you can keep on top of the story by visiting the where you live next on our website at the top. just click on the fairfax neighborhood. building new and better
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schools always a good thing, right? well, some folks in anacostia are upset with the renovation project at that school. specifically, why students there are attending classes inside of the building while the construction is going on while other students across the river are not. we see the concern and what school leaders are saying about it. >> reporter: east of the river in a multimillion-dollar construction project, but student prosecute anacostia high school are still in the building? they should be moved and shouldn't be hoar while they are doing construction. >> shouldn't have no kids running around on a construction site at all. >> if we are going to have a school system we have to treat it like one system and not preferencing based on social economic conditions or race. >> we want to work with dcps to make sure we keep the student population as close to the neighborhood as possible. >> reporter: they say there were eight other sites where students could have been moved to but they were too small for
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the 800 plus students. he says the current location can hold all of the students. while 1500 teenagers that attend wilson high school could not fit on campus during construction and they are attending at wilson. >> drilling is not allow during two hour an the construction site is sealed off from classes. students wearing uniforms for the first time attend class in a wing that used to be open space. >> nothing in terms of construction is keeping learning from taking place on a daily basis. >> some feel cramped in the new space. >> just cut off. >> reporter: while the debate continues, robinson says they have taken measures to keep kids safe until the construction is complete in 2012. 9 news now. and anacostia high is not alone here. deal middle school in ward 3 is under construction while students attend classes inside
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the building. the asbestos removal at anacostia was performed over the summer. hundreds of people who live near boulder, colorado are going to their homes after the devastating wildfire last week. the fire destroyed more than 160 homes and officials expect to have it completely contained later today. reports say $75 million worth of property is just gone. now firefighters are trying to put out a second wildfire in northern california. this started yesterday and already burned over 600-acres. officials say at least two homes have been destroyed but so far nobody hurt. this fire is only 10% contained but firefighters say it has slowed down and they are now in a pretty good position to get things under control. i guess the winds and the weather have not be that helpful out in colorado. >> no. we are still dry. a little rain on sunday which was a good thing but we need a soaking rain. we don't have it. no burning. fire ban is in affect in
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eastern west virginia the forecast first, the next couple of days, next three days will be great. sunshine tomorrow 82. please vote. breezy. 80 on wednesday. and then still a nice day on thursday. a couple of showers are possible but a few more clouds come in. thursday, friday, probably the next really good for chance shower activity but not a soaking rain. cool to start. light jacket. not a bad idea. mid 8850s and 80s in the suburbs. mid-70s by lunchtime and topping out in the low 80s by another nice day. temperatures right now 82 downtown. 75 in gaithersburg. 81 manassas. 82 fredericksburg. really temperatures are a little above average but just about where they should be. tonight, partly cloudy skies, cool. low temperatures 56 to 84. winds turn northwest at ten. they settle down a bit. frontal system rolls through tonight but no precipitation with it whatsoever. so, by morning, partly cloudy, breezy and cool, 50s and 80s. you need the sun glasses not
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the umbrellas. winds northwest at 10 to 15. by afternoon, partly cloudy, breezy and pleasant. winds will be a factor tomorrow. they will continue northwest at 10 to 15. all right. hurricane igor is quite a storm. gusts to 185 miles an hour sustained wins to 150. it is a category four. sustained winds over 155 is a category five. by saturday afternoon it is south of hamilton. this is bermuda as a category three. it has its sights set on bermuda. that's the bad news. the good news it is not going to affect the east coast directly. i will send big swells and surf but that's it. all six zones are available on our website at you can down load the 9 hurricane tracker. it is free and track egor with us. 72 tomorrow on the west side of the divide, mid-70s for cumberland, hagerstown. approaching 80. 79 martinsburg.
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83 culpeper. 80 warrenton and partly cloudy skies and breezy from the mountains to the cost. downtown low 80s. low 80s at andrews. 80 or so in annapolis and because of the winds small craft advisory for the bay and tidal potomac. next seven days, 82 tomorrow, nice. 80 on wednesday, very nice. showers come in on thursday. not a washout but actually welcome showers. showers codling other friday and saturday, partly cloudy with showers. temperatures around 80. the good news we clear out on sunday because we are home again. another heart attack i will have on sunday. you can watch it here on channel 9. >> i have to try next week to not yell so much. >> i yelled so now. >> because now my voice sounds like this. if you want to see the conclusion of theist open minutes championship turn over to espn two no later than 730. the match is currently in a rain delay.
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from our weird news file, what did you think of lady gaga's dress last night? it say this it was delicious. to the music video awards where she picked up the video award of the year award. it looks like it is made out of raw meat. even a meat purse. that is one of her three zany outfits for the evening. she showed up in a spectacular outfit which included some kind of mohawk thing and some shoes that, well she looked like she was on stilts there. i don't know how she was walking. later on, girlfriend changed to a black dress so overflowing they had to help her up on stage so she could get one of her shows. so for lady gaga i guess it is another day at the office. we want to hear what you think, season your e-mails to mcgin any's mail bag. the address is we'll be right back. think about the internet.
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bring high-speed internet to everyone in america by 2020. and we are committed to keeping the internet working, as the economic engine that's creating jobs now. working together, investing, keeping information and ideas flowing freely, we can ensure that the internet will continue to grow and influence the future... in ways we can only imagine. because the future has always been our business. [ male announcer ] progress. progress is saving tax payers millions of dollars, with the help of visa digital currency. which lets troy reiners, manager of nebraska's child support payment center, put money into pre-paid visa accounts for just a penny... instead of mailing out checks for 59 cents each. now that's progress. visa. currency of progress.
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we want to remind you to tune in to 9 news now 4:25 a.m. howard, andrea and angie will have the latest news, weather and traffic to get you on the way to work. in the mail bag tonight, dc's big choice tomorrow, fenty or gray. the incumbent mayor or the challenger from the city council. even fenty admits the election is at least, in part, a referendum on his funky attitude but debra from dc says --
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okay. but david in dc says you may or may not like the neighbor or you may or may not like the mayor but he likes how things are going in his neighborhood. in the past year we have had a rash of car jackings in my neighborhood. police identified where it is happening and it is like fenty sent in the arm. the police were on every corner for two weeks, everywhere. it was an impressive display of course and the carjacking drops. he has done that around the city from what my friends tell me. polls open tomorrow at 7:00, get out and make your voice heard. you will hear my take on this historic election at 11:00 on the new segment, let's be real. and the mail bag address is mail that's our report. back here tonight at 11:00 with anita brickman, who's going to have special report on a
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serious medical condition called pad an how to get tested. it could save your life. log on anytime to see you a bit later. by the way -- bye-bye.
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now, "entertainment tonight," the most-watched entertainment news magazine in the world. >> cher, turns back time. >> i'm the oldest chick with the
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biggest hair and the littlest costume. >> 64 year old. back in that body suit and going gaga at the vmas. ♪ >> lady gaga, the bell of the ball. >> tonight, weir ate cool kids at the party. >> rihanna's surprise appearance. >> jane lynch, the situation, katy perry's barely there dress. >> i feel like i got a tattoo on half my body. >> cojo's best and worst. >> i thought you were a 4'9" potato sack. and exclusive look at the "glee" photo shoot. >> cancer doesn't care how many oscars you've won. >> and sends out support for michael douglas. >> we're going to shoot a movie, the cancer bill have to get out of the way. >> cancer picked the wrong guy when he picked michael. in tonight's celebrity gps, megan fox with her new husband close at hand. >> plus, jon hamm. ben affleck, robert redford and

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